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Friday, July 11, 2014 press for bath

My bathroom, which was once featured in BHG Kitchen's and Bath's magazine here, is currently featured in the Fall edition of BHG do it Yourself Magazine. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

#391...ipe staircase

One of the projects that Tyler had on his "to-do" list before the home tour was to fix the rotting wood staircase leading to our loft. Here is a before shot of the staircase....
...and here it is after Tyler's makeover
The staircase was made of treated lumber and held up to the outdoor elements for 8 years, but it was falling apart, and had become really dangerous to ascend/descend.

His first step was to remove the handrail, all the spindles and the stair rises.
In lieu of replacing the vertical wood spindles, he opted for a metal cable rail system for the railing. It claims to be weather proof and should not rust.
We tediously painted the remaining wood portions of the stair framing in gray and dark brown, using the DeckOver  product from Behr. 
We spent a lot of time debating what type of material to use for the stairs and banister. We decided to forgo a stair rise to give the stairs a more open and modern look (and also to cut down on material costs). 
I really did not want to replace with treated lumber, since it had weathered so badly, and wanted something that would last a lot longer than 8 years. After much research on composite options we ended up going with Ipe wood. This is the very same wood that we used on the cabana, and I recently blogged about letting it go gray here. Ipe is an expensive option, but it has a lifespan of up to 50 years, so we will NEVER have to do this project again.
Ipe is very dense and very heavy, so setting the banister in place took help.
Tyler also replaced the decking at the top of the stairs, which had also rotted.
And after several intense weeks of work with little sleep, he finished the stairs in the nick of time. And now our pretty new stairs are going to live happily ever after FOREVER!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#362...craftsman bungalow door

For the past decade, I have wanted to replace the front door on our bungalow. It is a metal exterior door, hung sometime during the late 1980's and did not really go with the style of our craftsman bungalow. (That's it above). 

Our house is going to be on our neighborhood holiday home tour this year, so I decided it was time to officially put a bungalow style door on the front. Luckily, there is a shop in the neighborhood that sells reproduction craftsman doors made of fir. I had it delivered to my dining room where I set up to paint the exterior.
Last week it got hung, and while it is similar in color to the old door, it dramatically improved the craftsman aesthetic of our exterior.

Meanwhile, on the inside of the house, the old door looked like this.....
...and the new door looks like this

I am still figuring out how I want to finish the inside of the door. Currently, I have been playing with white washing it, as you can see below, but the jury is still out on the white-washing idea.

(Our old metal door went to a home in need)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#549...pottery cabana progress

It took us forever, but we finally moved all of my kiln and pottery accessories into the pottery cabana.
We ordered these floating slat wall brackets on ebay, and used a pine board to make a narrow shelf above my kiln and slab roller table to house my posts, stilts, and other clay tools. 

Under my table I stacked my glazes and used a burled root planter to hold my giant rolling pin, clay gun and test firing cones. (The big white appliance under the table is the portable heater/air conditioner for the cabana)
Hooray for small progress! Now onto the back wall decor.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#391...floating sink

Earlier this year, I posted about our laundry room, which looked like this when we bought our bungalow in 2003.
Here's a visual recap on the renovation of this laundry/bathroom, which has spanned 5 years.

Room gutted to the studs, and new outside door installed to access back deck
Drywall, a sub-floor and new rough plumbing
.....and new tile

Then finally... the laundry nook was finished

Next up was to install a sink. The room is small, so we decided to try making a floating sink to keep the floor space open.
Tyler started the floating sink by mounting a 2 x 4 wood box to the wall as a base. Using birch plywood, he made the sink base, creating counter space to the sides of the sink.

....and here is the finished floating sink
We used the Hollviken sink from Ikea and this faucet. I treated the cabinet with teak oil.
We also put in a toilet...pretty exciting...I know.

There is still painting to do in the room, and a shower to finish out, but those things probably won't happen this year. Hopefully, we don't hit the ten year mark on renovating this bath. Maybe there is an HGTV show for longest, drawn-out renovation ever. This bath could enter. Here are some more shots of the room in it's current state.