Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#431...rowing room

In the front bedroom of our bungalow we used to have a twin sized guest bed.
Santa brought Tyler this water rower, so we have replaced the bed with his slim new rower. 
The room feels bigger, and I hope my house guests will be happy on the new AeroBed I bought for them. The good news is they can literally roll out of bed and work out!

Friday, January 2, 2015

#430...fabric succulents

I made a couple of fabric succulents to give as gifts this holiday season. One went to my sister Sarah, who has been unsuccessful at keeping live plants in her office. I thought a fabric plant would be a colorful addition for her desk.
I first made a paper leaf pattern and traced it onto various green and yellow fabrics.
Next, placing right sides together of two different patterned pieces, I stitched around the leaf leaving the bottom open for turning.
Turning the leaves right side out was the most tedious part of this project because it is such a tiny piece of fabric to pull through.
To add some structure to the leaves, I wrapped a piece of electrical wire with polar fleece using double sided tape. Each polar fleece wrapped wire was then inserted into each leaf.

For the succulent bases, I used small pottery vessels that I had thrifted or made years ago in a wheel-throwing class. I put floral foam into the pots to hold the leaves in the base, and used some hot glue to secure them. 
I needed something that looked like potting soil to cover the floral foam and found a pair of cut up brown leather pants in my leather bin. I cut pieces of the leather and scattered it onto the top of the floral foam.

Monday, December 15, 2014

#429...fabric stamping

Last Christmas, our neighborhood holiday home tour passed through my house and I went crazy decorating (See here). This year, my decorating efforts were much more low-key. 

I like to change out my throw pillows on my bed, so I decided to try making a fabric stamped pillow emulating the shape of pine trees for this holiday season.
I cut a piece of foam board in the shape of a triangle to make my stamp. I used fabric textile paints in two colors of green that I applied with a brush to the foam triangle.
I pressed my stamp down onto a piece of linen, with even pressure to the back of the entire stamp.
The fabric paint I used required heated ironing to set once dry. It is then washable.
I sewed it into a large lumbar pillow.
I added an embroidered zig-zag border around the entire pillow in the style of the embroidered borders on John Robshaw pillows.

Sunday, November 23, 2014 construction by southland homes

Earlier this year, I worked on this house. It was built by Southland Homes of Texas. I was primarily involved with cabinetry design, cabinetry and wall paint colors, exterior colors, floor stain color, and ultimately helping the home owners place their artwork. I only recently learned that the home was featured on Houzz, so I thought I'd share it. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#427...five minute felt coaster

I've been having a problem with my beverages sweating all over my desk/keyboard/post-its. I've tried pretty stone/pottery/glass coasters, but none of them absorb the moisture. I saw some wool felt octagon coasters at a local boutique and figured felt would be the ticket to fixing my sweaty beverage problem. (Pictured espresso does not actually sweat)
I had this felt envelope that came with a necklace that I bought from Madewell, and decided to cut it up to use for the coasters. I printed an octagon to the size I wanted, and found some thin cork lying around my studio that I decided to use to back the felt and bulk it up a bit.

I cut the cork on the outer side of the line, and the felt on the inside of the line, creating a small cork revel along the edge of the coasters. Next, I glued them together using fabric/paper glue that I had. Any fabric glue will do.

Using some rubber stamps, and fabric paint in copper metallic and black, I decided to try stamping on a few of them. (I decided I liked them better unadorned, so I stopped stamping).

Friday, October 24, 2014

#426...happy 40 tyler

Tyler turned 40 last Friday, and we had a big backyard party to celebrate. My sister Sarah created a website invite for his party, as well as a venue logo for our yard. 
For the party we turned our pottery cabana into a craft cocktail bar, and created a menu of food and drinks.

We created a dining area in a large part of our yard. Tyler made several long farm style tables out of the wood he saved from our old loft staircase (seen here).

 We also set up a living room lounge area at the back part of our yard.
We added a bocce ball court, ping-pong table and giant jenga game to 
The Backyard.

Tyler made a lighted game-on sign out of recycled materials and some vintage sign letters that I purchased on e-bay. (I painted the scrabble letter "M"). 

He also made the below hanging sputnik lamp for the dining area out of plumbing and electrical parts.

thanks Julie and Kelly for the photos