Wednesday, September 16, 2009

#75...mimicing the mummy

I really loved the quirky, eclectic quality of these mummy chairs by Dutch designer Peter Traag when they debuted back in 2005, as seen here in a room designed by Stefan Boublil found on the contemporist blog. Their price is way out of my budget, but I thought I could recreate something similar using twill tape. I purchased two stools at a discount retail store that had a simple round foam top on four wooden legs. I bought two 72 yard rolls of white heavyweight cotton twill tape in a 1.25 inch width (one for each stool). I first painted the legs of the stools white (they were brown). Next, I stapled the edge of the twill tape roll to the underside of the stool and began wrapping around and around until I was happy with the look. They are a subtle detail in my room, but I like how they look, and they remind me of the fun designer original. The project cost me about $35 for each stool and took me a few hours to complete.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Those look really cool, and seems pretty easy.