Monday, October 12, 2009

#86...embellished plant pot

We did some replanting of our outdoor pots this past weekend, as summer heat had really demolished all former plantlife. While planting this pot above, I realized it was a DIY project that I could share.

A few years ago when I was cutting tiles for my kitchen from clay, I was left with a bunch of small mosaic like clay pieces from the edges of the rolled out clay. I went ahead and glazed and fired the pieces instead of scraping them, but I was not sure how or if I could ever use them. When cleaning my garage out last year, I found the forgotten pieces in a shoebox, and decided to embellish the above plain terra-cotta pot with my pottery pieces. I simply used Construction Grade Liquid Nails to glue them on, and they have held on through cold, extreme heat, and humid Houston weather. This project would be fun with old seashells or sea glass, or bottle caps, or broken china, or pennies, get the idea.

I repotted my front porch pots too, with pink bromelaids, and cyclamen. I think they look pretty, so I took some pictures..... however, I did not make or embellish these pots.

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