Monday, April 26, 2010 brass

I bought this tarnished brass turtle at the thrift shop for $6.
I think it may have been an old ashtray.
I cleaned it up using Bar Keeper's Friend, which works wonders on brass.

I decided to put an air plant in it, since they require no planting, and are easy to care for. I got this peach Tillandsia Capitata for $6 at a local nursery.


Joie de Viv said...

ret idea! I was wondering what you'd do with it if it were an ashtray! Great tip on the bar keeper's friend!

xx Vivian @

Kendra M said...

Bar Keepers friend also comes in a liquid form that is awesome for cleaning stainless steel. It's just so hard to find though. I've been looking all around go.

Sara Carolina said...

They sell BKF at Bed Bath and Beyond and at HEB. I have used it on my pots and pans -- 9 years later they still look new!

Julie said...

my mother in law and i use bar keepers friend for cleaning the bathrooms - works like magic and doesn't stink as bad as other products on the market!