Friday, February 25, 2011

#304...southwest state of mind

I can get lost looking at other people's travel photos on Flickr. I love the color palette of this Grand Canyon shot, with the purples, pinks, corals, orange and grays.     
I want to try to bring some of this color scheme into my family room for spring. I bought a couple of kilim pillow covers on ebay to replace my plaid pillow covers.
Out thrifting, I found a few more things to work into my Southwest theme.


Anna said...

all of these things are amazing! esp the rug (or wall hanging?) at the end. gorge.

thanks for the link love lady!

have a good day!

Phyllisa said...

Hi there,
You actually have the last rug upside down. It is a pretty common image in Peru where a group of ladies are sitting around in a circle. Supposedly, they are pot hunting (I'm a Peruvian archaeologist and this is what my workers have told me).
I just discovered your blog and have really been enjoying it. Thank you!