Monday, June 20, 2011

#352...sarah's bath

My sister Sarah's 1950's apartment bath already had a lot of charm when she rented the place, with its gray & yellow tiled color scheme. Here's a before shot of the bath.
We gave the bath some decor, and I think it turned out really charming. Here's our after..........

Notes about her bath decor:
  • I made the shower curtain from two Amy Butler drapery panels that I bought at HomeGoods last year.
  • We added an extra light to the bath over the shower. There was only one plug in the room and it happened to be on the light over the sink. We decided to use it to add another light using this cord kit and a glass chandelier-like shade. (Sarah does all of her hair drying & straightening in her bedroom in front of a full length mirror, so it was worth it to sacrifice the bath plug for extra lighting)
  • The cat looking through a mouse hole etching and the small flower collage artwork duo were both thrifted

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Julie said...

looks awesome!