Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#373...i put a rug on it

I've been wanting to replace the love seat that sits in my entry room for a few years. The main reason I've wanted to replace it is that it is actually two chairs pushed together to create a sofa. It bothers me.
My hunt for something that meets the unusual size requirements has been fruitless. I've styled it a million different ways, and am resigned to keeping it....at least through the holiday season. 
I found this 5x8 cotton rug at TJMaxx for $60. Initially, I thought of making a bunch of pillows from the heavy material, but when I got it home, it seemed upholstery worthy.
 So, I started tucking it around the sofa cushions, giving them the appearance of singular bench-like cushions.

...and voila! My DIY laziness has reached a new level with this one.

...While I was putting a rug on the sofa, the dogs were playing their favorite game of "bite the head", which is a rare treat for them, as usually I don't let Speedy play it for fear of her further hurting her injured knee. 


sol said...

This will be my new decorating mantra...'Put a rug on it!" Good looking setup and cute dogs!!

Julie said...

To the left to the left