Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#423...recessed can pendant light

We have a covered patio at the back of our yard that I've never shared any photos of. The space is behind our garage and below our loft. The reason that I've never shared any pictures of this space is that it is a veritable junk pile of tools and left-over materials from our home projects. We've decided to turn the space into an outdoor game room. We've got a lot of work to do out there, so of course we started with the simplest project of transforming the recessed cans into some pendants with more personality.
Ordinary can lights

Outlet-to-socket Connector

Foto light from Ikea

We wrapped the excess cord into a ball and zip tied it to keep it in place.
Once the space is finished, I'm hoping the pendants will help add some character to our outdoor room.


Anonymous said...

No negativity intended, but what will you do with all the equipment and surplus supplies? It would seem you and your husband, as two very creative people need space to carry out future projects and store supplies. The pendant lamp idea is terrific!

Christie Chase said...

Hi Sewsincere,
Part of our makeover includes construction of a large barn style shed to house our materials and tools. We are actually hoping not to have to build this ourselves, so while waiting on a contractor to come through decided to focus on more fun projects like lighting!