Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#434...scrap wood animals (part deux)

In 2013, Tyler made me these scrap wood animals from bits of old wood salvaged from our many house projects over the years. I blogged about his inspiration for elephant, bunny and bird here.
 In 2014 he added two more animals to my collection, making owl,
and mouse.

(These are the easiest pets to care for.)

Friday, February 6, 2015 room decor

My client Judy has a lot of vintage ski artifacts, and wanted to display them in a guest bedroom in her house.

I started by hanging a bunch of the wintry art and a vintage snow shovel over the bed, creating a gallery art headboard wall.

A vintage pair of poles went up,

as well as some child-size vintage skis. 
A paper bag painted ski boot done by Judy's daughter many years ago hangs above a chair that is home to a pair of German lederhosen. It is fun to hang art at Judy's house, as I go when she is away at work and I feel like an elf sneaking in and leaving a gift behind.
While there this week, I also hung this round chalkboard on her back porch and wrote a giant "hello" with my chalk markers to her and her husband Bill.