Monday, January 27, 2014

#397...swaying palms in winter

It's been cold and drafty in my 1919 bungalow this January. To mentally warm myself up I made a new pillow from this Swaying Palms fabric.
The fabric is reminiscent of the iconic banana-leaf Martinique wallpaper from the Beverly Hills Hotel Fountain and Coffee Room, which first debuted in 1942. It is making me feel a little warmer as I pass by the palm pillow to layer on another flannel shirt. You can buy the wallpaper here.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

#396...eating well

My sister gifted me a subscription to Eating Well magazine. It came today, and I'm excited to see what it has to offer, as I've never heard of the publication before. Last night, I made a version of this noodle bowl for dinner. I had to do some substitution based on what I had on hand.

baby bellas instead of shitake
shoyu instead of tamari
spinach instead of bok choy
pine nuts instead of sesame seeds
regular butter instead of vegan butter
flax oil instead of sesame oil

I guess that is kind of a lot of substitutions, but they seemed to work, and it tasted like a yummy noodle bowl. Hey! Did you know blood oranges are in season? They are so good. Run out and get some.

Friday, January 17, 2014 plants

After taking all of my holiday decorations down, things felt a little sparse inside my house, so I decided to try a few new plants.
I got this Weeping Fig at Home Depot for $9. I trimmed it up a little bit to give it more of a tree shape, and have it in a north facing window that gets indirect light. I read here they can be picky, so we'll see how long it lives.

During the fall, I picked up this Anthurium Superbum, and initially had it in a window, but have now moved it to a spot with less direct light atop Tyler's secretary desk. I'm using it to hide a small hairline crack that has developed in the sheet rock, so hopefully it likes its new post.

This ZZ Plant has been in its pot for a few months, and is growing into a monster. I've had several of these plants, and they all grow enormous, and I ultimately have to move them outside as they can take over a room.
In my bedroom, I added some Tropical Ferns in a hanging pot, and atop my bed console in a little handmade ceramic vessel that I got for Xmas. Assuming the heat and air conditioning vent is not blowing directly on them, I am hopeful they will do well.

This is a Rhipsalis, and its tag says it likes low light, little water and indoor temps. It sounds like a dream house plant, but I think it may be too good to be true. I got it at Lowe's and it is one of the Exotic Angel Plant series.

I've had bad luck with the Tillandsia Xerographica air plant. They are huge and sculptural, and I love them, but this is the third one I've had. The others each lasted about 6 months, before drying up and dying. I've had this one about 2 months, and have it in a better lit location and am trying to remember to mist it frequently. 
This Philodendron that I got in October seems to be doing pretty well. I been moving it indoors and out, as I think I read they prefer outdoors. It does not like really cold weather, and I think it won't like really hot summer weather either, so hopefully it likes it indoors. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

#394...serape pillows

I have been working on decorating an office space for two commercial real estate brokers who office out of a brick bungalow on a busy street in my neighborhood. The house has a full kitchen, bath, two bedrooms (used as offices) and a large living space. Our style inspiration comes from this space and this space. I created this mood board at the onset of the project. 
One of the things we wanted for the space was some bright, modern feeling western stripe pillows like our inspiration room has. I thrifted this Mexican Serape last year for about $30, and decided to cut it up and make some pillows for the space.

I added some gold zipper embellishment like I did here.

When we complete the space I will share photos of the finished office.

Friday, January 3, 2014

#393...wardrobe study

This past year, I worked on cleaning my closets and editing my wardrobe. It was a big project, as I've spent the last 15 years vintage shopping and hoarding clothing in every nook and cranny. To help myself decide what to keep and what to purge, I embarked on a year long photo wardrobe study. I tried to take a photo everyday, (in reality I ended each month with about 16-20 photos). The study helped me to finally part with pieces that I never wore. The photo diary also highlighted items my wardrobe lacked, and kept my clothes shopping on track and to a minimum. I learned a lot about my current personal style, and even surprised myself in some of the items that I ended up liking and wearing a lot, like the tribal print skirt seen below that I managed to wear almost once during every season.