Friday, January 17, 2014 plants

After taking all of my holiday decorations down, things felt a little sparse inside my house, so I decided to try a few new plants.
I got this Weeping Fig at Home Depot for $9. I trimmed it up a little bit to give it more of a tree shape, and have it in a north facing window that gets indirect light. I read here they can be picky, so we'll see how long it lives.

During the fall, I picked up this Anthurium Superbum, and initially had it in a window, but have now moved it to a spot with less direct light atop Tyler's secretary desk. I'm using it to hide a small hairline crack that has developed in the sheet rock, so hopefully it likes its new post.

This ZZ Plant has been in its pot for a few months, and is growing into a monster. I've had several of these plants, and they all grow enormous, and I ultimately have to move them outside as they can take over a room.
In my bedroom, I added some Tropical Ferns in a hanging pot, and atop my bed console in a little handmade ceramic vessel that I got for Xmas. Assuming the heat and air conditioning vent is not blowing directly on them, I am hopeful they will do well.

This is a Rhipsalis, and its tag says it likes low light, little water and indoor temps. It sounds like a dream house plant, but I think it may be too good to be true. I got it at Lowe's and it is one of the Exotic Angel Plant series.

I've had bad luck with the Tillandsia Xerographica air plant. They are huge and sculptural, and I love them, but this is the third one I've had. The others each lasted about 6 months, before drying up and dying. I've had this one about 2 months, and have it in a better lit location and am trying to remember to mist it frequently. 
This Philodendron that I got in October seems to be doing pretty well. I been moving it indoors and out, as I think I read they prefer outdoors. It does not like really cold weather, and I think it won't like really hot summer weather either, so hopefully it likes it indoors. 

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Hunter said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I just wanted to let you know that some philodendron are toxic to animals. This is some of the info I found when searching for house plants that were safe to have around animals; "Heartleaf philodendron (also known as horsehead philodendron, cordatum, fiddle-leaf, panda plant, split-leaf philodendron, fruit salad plant, red emerald, red princess, and saddle leaf) is a common, easy-to-grow houseplant that is toxic to dogs and cats. This philodendron contains a chemical that can irritate the mouth, tongue, and lips of animals. An affected pet may also experience increased salivation, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing."