Saturday, January 11, 2014

#394...serape pillows

I have been working on decorating an office space for two commercial real estate brokers who office out of a brick bungalow on a busy street in my neighborhood. The house has a full kitchen, bath, two bedrooms (used as offices) and a large living space. Our style inspiration comes from this space and this space. I created this mood board at the onset of the project. 
One of the things we wanted for the space was some bright, modern feeling western stripe pillows like our inspiration room has. I thrifted this Mexican Serape last year for about $30, and decided to cut it up and make some pillows for the space.

I added some gold zipper embellishment like I did here.

When we complete the space I will share photos of the finished office.

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sol said...

Very cool. Indeed. Where do you get your gold zippers?