Thursday, May 21, 2015

#440...Connie's Abstract Painting

My client Connie fell in love with the vivid colors in the above painting by Gerhard Richter. It is really huge, and sold a few years ago at auction for 21 million euro. You can read about it here. Connie asked me to paint her something in the style and coloring of this painting. My piece below is done with palette knife and brush in acrylic on a 4ft wide x 3ft wide gallery wrap canvas.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#439...sarah's guest room


My client Sarah inherited two art pieces done by a deceased cousin that she wanted to incorporate into her guest room. The red rocks painting, and buffalo painting served as style inspiration and directed the colors of the room. The larger red rocks painting got framed and hung over the new headboard. The smaller buffalo piece went on a side wall and I found a photo of a tree printed on burlap that I paired with it. I sewed the Euro shams on the bed from a textured throw blanket. I also made the cover for the round side table from two woven table runners. Everything else I shopped for at Home Decorators, Home Goods, Ikea, Tuesday Morning, Aaron Brothers and a local thrift store.

Friday, May 1, 2015

#438...2939 at the backyard

My sister Sarah (29), and my cousin Marie (39) share a birthday, so last Saturday on their joint birthday we had a shindig in the backyard to celebrate. We set up the yard and cabana similar to how we arranged it for Tyler's 40th birthday last fall. This was a more intimate party, and I only snapped a few photos before I joined in on the eating and drinking.