Friday, May 1, 2015

#438...2939 at the backyard

My sister Sarah (29), and my cousin Marie (39) share a birthday, so last Saturday on their joint birthday we had a shindig in the backyard to celebrate. We set up the yard and cabana similar to how we arranged it for Tyler's 40th birthday last fall. This was a more intimate party, and I only snapped a few photos before I joined in on the eating and drinking.


Unknown said...

Hi there! found your blog researching the ikea applaro chaise lounges - and was psyched to see you live near me in Houston! love your style! saw your fiddle leaf fig outside - do you keep it there year round? i got one and it was dying a quick death inside.... i just moved it outside to my covered porch and so far its hanging on! curious how yours is doing and if you keep it outside all year... thanks!!

Christie Chase said...

Hi Jennifer,
My outdoor fiddle leaf fig has done really well. I do cover it in low temps, and it does not get west facing afternoon sun. I too tried to keep fiddle leaf fig plants indoors which lead to several plant deaths.
Hope yours revives itself outside!