Friday, January 13, 2012

#435...tyler's desk

I got this old Ethan Allen hutch top at a consignment shop for about $30. I think it was so inexpensive because it had no base, as it was in pretty great shape.
After sitting in my garage most of last year, I finally decided to turn it into a desk for Tyler.
I ordered 28" steel hairpin legs from this website, and we cut a platform base for the hutch top to mount to.
Next, I painted the platform base and some of the interior boxes of the piece and we moved it into it's new home in our front entry room. (This required some rearranging of furniture of course.)

Tyler drilled a hole through the bottom of the cabinet so that it could have a plug inside for his laptop. It seems to be serving as a good office for him on days he works from home. The best part to me is being able to close his papers away from view.
It has some nice drawer space for storing office supplies. In the display cubbies I've arranged some of my hand made pottery collection. (The lighted snowflake atop is my one hold-out holiday decoration that I've not wanted to put away yet)


Janet said...

I would not have thought to paint the interiors and it looks perfect!

Alice M said...

What a lovely result!

Greenish thumb said...

I love the pottery also, ever thought about selling some?