Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#138...lily's room

Awhile back, I posted my first e-decorating design board that I put together for my friend Teri, who lives several states away. The design was for her daughter Lily's bedroom, and today Teri sent me the pictures of the finished product, and I am so overjoyed and impressed by how she translated the board and decorated Lily's room! You can read more about all of the individual DIY projects she completed for the room here on her blog.
lily's room before

lily's room before
lily's room e-decorating plan

......and here is lily's new room e-designed by me, and decorated by her Mom!

and finally, this is Teri, the decorator behind the room.... a cool avid photographer.... an old friend....and the person whom I credit for inspiring me to start this blog.


Julie said...

WOW this is incredible - terrific job by both of you!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Wonderful! And her photos are spectacular!! She needs to teach me some techniques...