Friday, February 19, 2010 bathroom remodel

When we bought our bungalow over six years ago, the bathroom looked like this 
At the time, we had so many rooms to tackle that we did a half renovation of the bath, putting in a new shower, toilet, and wallboard. We laid new floor tile, but never finished cutting or laying the perimeter pieces. We never finished the floor molding, and we repurposed the old sink (I painted it turquoise) with the intention of someday putting in something nicer. Below is the point it was at as we entered 2010.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to finish this bathroom, and with my Dad's help I did it while Tyler was out of town eariler this month
The first thing I did was to rip out the old sink and finish the long overdue tile job and floor molding. With the help of my Dad, we moved the electrical plug lower down on the wall, so that I could house plug-in items inside of a cabinet.
I purchased components from the Lillangen cabinet system from Ikea to use as my sink base, and then I cut a piece of birch plywood from Home Depot for the top.
Again with my Dad's help (and a jigsaw), I shaped the top of the sink and cut a hole in it for the plumbing to fit through. I bought the marble sink on discount over five years ago, and the faucet is from Lowe's.
I wanted my new bath to be modern and uncluttered, but I also wanted it to be spa-like and pretty. I got inspired by this page from House Beautiful, march 2010
....and here is my finished bath
other notes about the bathroom....
  • the wall cabinets above the toilet are modified versions of the Bjorken from Ikea
  • the cabinet fronts are painted in enamel with Boucle from Pratt and Lambert
  • the ring pulls are these
  • the square abstract painting is inspired by this artist
  • the birch sink top is finished with tung oil
  • the light fixture is here
  • the shower curtain is made from 6 yards of Calico Corners fabric (it was a splurge)
  • the crab and fish ceramic tiles in the shower were painted, fired and installed during phase1 six years ago


melifaif said...

SO fabulous!!!

Jacquelyn Reese Baby, Kids and Home said...

The bathroom is beautiful! You and your dad make a great team.

autumn said...

this is. fabulous! i love the shape of the vanity, the soft blue, the shower curtain, the ring pulls, the sink, and you treatment of the mirror. you need to submit this to design*sponge NOW.

Sarah said...

this is SO great!
LOVE the shape of the countertop and i cannot even tell you how excited it made me to read your idea about putting a plug inside the cabinet (i know, with me, it's the simple things that get me going!)... nothing drives me more crazy than all the cords- my husband's razor, toothbrush, etc. this is BRILLIANT and is a MUST now on my list for our soon-to-be bathroom remodel.
thanks and GREAT work!

Trapunto said...

I came here from IKEA Hacker, because this was my favorite bathroom hack in all the time I've followed the site. Jaw-droppingly perfect, or at any rate, jaw-droppingly in line with my own taste. I have a couple of nasty bathrooms to remodel on a budget, but I'd really rather just have you box yours up and send it to me. Not for sale, I suppose?

bonnie said...

how fortuitous! I am going to my old home in the west to fixup next week. the bathroom needs a new cabinet and counter top and i've thought for year that a curved-to-narrow one would be perfect...Now I can see it done already!! Going for the saw!!!!
thank you.

Anonymous said...

what a Great Bathroom remodel indeed!
Three Cheers for you guys!


Deborah March said...


Lester Migues said...

Now, your bathroom looks way better than before! Just look at how you gave it some beautiful details like those crabs on the wall. And the choice of color is really cool in the eyes.

Teresa said...

Your bathroom is lovely. Curious about how you modified the Bjorken cabinets. Is that one larger cabinet cut into two?

Christie Chase said...

Hi Teresa,
The Ikea Bjorkens that I used are the tall skinny version...I link to them in my post. I modified them by hanging them horizontally instead of vertically, omitting the internal glass shleves. I also added the ring pulls to the front of the cabinet.

A to the l to the ia. said...

Hi I am curious about the cabinets hung horizontal. They seem modified in the corners as well. The bjorken on Ikea's site has small cut aways in two corners.
What did you do to fill those? Or did you purchase different door fronts? I want to drive to ikea this week and get two of these. Thanks!

Christie Chase said...

I did modify the front of the bjorken by adding a thin 1/4 inch sheet of cut plywood to the front of it. I did not like the corner cut outs, so used Liquid Nails to glue a smooth piece of wood to the fronts. Once painted, you can hardly tell there was something extra applied to the cabinet.

Terence Watthens said...

You were definitely determined to make your New Year’s resolution a reality. I think that your determination and hard work definitely paid off. The bathroom looks marvelous. Compared to its previous look, the latter is brighter and more welcoming. The space seems wider thanks to the light that is coming in from the windows. Best of all, you were able to achieved your goal of making the bathroom look like a spa.

Darryl Iorio said...

I’m quite surprised and impressed at the same time because you get yourself involved in plumbing work. Oftentimes, women are hands-on when it comes to remodeling projects like this, but they let men do the labor. Well, I know your dad didn’t let you work on it alone. :)

William Gulliver said...

You did a great job on choosing a marble sink because it complements very well with your faucet and vanity table. I like the idea that you bought it years ago, but still used it for your bathroom renovation. Others might be against in using it because they might think it’s already out of style. You, on the other hand, made it useful. It’s never too late for anything, right? :')