Monday, May 24, 2010

#189...Dr. marie's dining room

I spent the weekend on the East Coast celebrating my cousin Marie's graduation from medical school. For graduation, I made her the gallery of abstract palette paintings that you see hanging in her dining room above.
To make the paintings I used palette knives instead of paint brushes to layer the paint on the canvases. I mainly used this shape of palette knife to mix and apply the paint. I simply knife it on and scrape it off until I am happy with the look, allowing it to dry between colors.
I painted the set of canvases all at the same time, so that they would be a cohesive looking grouping. There are many ways they can be arranged depending on the wall space. I think they add a nice modern touch to her historic colonial home.
Here are a few more pictures of Marie's dining room. It is a really beautiful space.

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