Monday, July 12, 2010

#208...julie's fireplace makeover

fireplace before
When I was out at my sister's house in May, she and I performed a fast "while you were out" style makeover on her master bedroom fireplace, while her husband was out at a baseball game. Julie really hated the 1980's tile surround on the fireplace, and wanted to do something quick and cosmetic to give it a face lift. Eventually, they plan to completely renovate their master bath, and the fireplace is probably going to be affected by the renovation, as they are not even sure the fireplace is safe to use. Since that renovation is years down the road, she wanted to update the face of the fireplace with new tile to enjoy in the interim.

We purchased all of the tile off the shelf from Lowe's. We also had to purchase this small wet saw to cut the tile. Instead of ripping out all of the old tile, we simply tiled over top of it, using this glue to adhere the tiles. We chose tiles that needed no grouting, and the project cost Julie less than $400. It is by no means the most professional tiling job ever, but for the time and cost it improved the look of the fireplace ten-fold.

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