Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#211...e-decorating update

I have been selling my e-decorating services on etsy for a few months now, and I thought I would share some of the boards I have created for clients. It is good for me to go back and revisit them to see where I can improve in offering this service, and building the boards. The boards all come with extensive link lists to the suggested furnishings, accessories, and fabrics on the board as well as additional options to consider. Each board is catered to the needs of the individual project. Some rooms don't need furniture, they simply needed ideas to work with the existing furniture to give the room a new look. All the rooms work within a budget range provided by the client. 

This board was done for a Master Bedroom suite, working with a Tahitian wood carved bed (not pictured) and a portrait of the homeowner (seen on the right side of the board)

This board is a playroom for two sisters age 7 and 10. The walls got painted light gray to help ground all the bright colors and give it a little sophistication.

This board was done to add accessories and some personality to a very small and bland bathroom.

This board is for a baby girl's nursery. The mother requested a vintage, shabby chic style.

This board is the room design for an energetic four year old little girl named Sofie. Sofie loves nature and cats.

This board is another Master Bedroom design.

So, how do you think I'm doing creating these e-boards?
Do you get a visual image of the room by looking at the board?


Anonymous said...

I think the mood boards look great. I am wondering where you like to find your fabrics, though. I live in a small town and need to find a good source for fabrics...

Christie Chase said...

thanks for your comment on my e-boards. All of the fabric swatches on the boards were pulled from the below online fabric shops.