Wednesday, January 19, 2011 & trains

Two years ago for Christmas, Tyler asked me to paint him a painting of his college football stadium to hang in his office. He found the below photo for me to use as composition inspiration.
His painting got pushed to the bottom of my work pile, but I am happy to say that over the holidays I was able to complete it, and last night we hung it in his office.
The painting measures 3ft. x4 ft. and Tyler's mother was instrumental in helping me get it underway. She is an artist, and when she was here at Thanksgiving, she laid out the building for me, which was the part I was really dreading. Without her it would not be done.
 While working on the painting, I found an old calendar by Catherine Breer, and drew inspiration from her color palette and style for Tyler's piece.

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Kelly Timmons said...

This looks great! I know Tyler's mom worked so hard on it...the two of you really made a masterpiece for Tyler. I know he appreciates it!