Friday, April 22, 2011

#329...backyard gravel

Our backyard work has continued. Our latest progress included painting our back fence, adding gravel to the back section of our yard that we had curbed off a few weeks ago, and grouping more terracotta cactus plantings. Here are two before shots of the area that we worked on.
....and here is the after

I got help from my friends Nancy and Jonathan in painting the back fence. They rolled, and I brushed the top and without them, I'd still be out there painting. We painted it with a Behr solid wood stain in Harbor Gray color. We have been on the hunt for cactus and low water need plants for weeks, and we finally filled and placed all of the pots we bought from Home Depot. The old stumps came from my neighbor's tree that came down after the last hurricane. They've been laying around our yard looking like trash for a few years, so I painted the tops white and we propped them up in a seating arrangement outside the cabana. This back part of our yard is the first to get shade on a hot, sunny day, so we are hoping to utilize it more this summer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christie! Where did you get your gravel from? I am having trouble finding a good color. Thanks!

Christie Chase said...

Our gravel is a limestone gravel and we got it at San Jacinto Stone

Anonymous said...

Thank you! You inspired me to do the side of our house. :) I will send you a pic and let you know how it turns out!

BrassTacksJoey said...

Awesome transformation! What color/finish paint did you use?