Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#319...cabana & landscape progress (part four)

Our pottery cabana is nearing completion, and we are having some landscaping done, to make our yard worthy of our pretty cabana.
First, we had new sod laid. We decided that we wanted a combination of gravel and large pavers and cement border to fill the back portion of our yard, since we want to put seating back there, and it has poor drainage.
Tyler cut cardboard templates of a random cement paver path he wanted to make to connect the cabana to the existing sun deck pad where the chaise lounges sit.
The cement contractors came and built all of the wood forms to lay the cement pavers and borders.
Here is the laid cement. Next we have to get the gravel and finish the skirting on the cabana deck.
We also had a cement floor laid in the cabana. The way they draped the room in plastic to protect the walls and decking made it look like a scene from Dexter.
We also moved our grill under the loft stairs onto paver/gravel
In addition to the cement hardscape project, we have been doing some container planting. We are planning to use a multitude of terra cota pots in the back gravel area of the yard. We bought the pots at Home Depot.

I've had this cactus for about two years. It blooms every spring. We moved it to this bigger pot in hopes that it will get bigger.
My friend Ashley gave me a clipping of this pencil cactus, which we believe is the same plant that I admired at this house.
We usually line these yellow chairs up along one side of the pool. The look sort of reminds me of a lifeguard station. I bought the white ceramic garden stool at Ross for $30 this week. Tyler thinks it wrecks the symmetry of the chairs, so I may be using it elsewhere. We have been working so hard on the yard because we are getting ready to have my Mom's retirement party out there at the end of April. The upcoming party and nice spring weather have been great motivation to finish up the cabana and backyard. We're almost there..............


melifaif said...

That you are! And just in time...looks great!

Teri said...

That cabanna is the coolest thing ever! I'm jealous of all your succulents....I lost all of mine this winter in a freak freeze--I covered them, but they still bit the dust. This inspires me to replant!

Ashley Kellogg said...

I have three words for you: dive in movie.