Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#306...mac and cheese

I've been selected to serve on a jury for a capital murder trial for the next two weeks. We are only two days in, and I am worn. I needed some comfort food to help soothe the sad reality of how terrible we as humans can be to one another. I saw an advertisement in Sunset magazine for Bacon, Ranch and Chicken Mac and Cheese and knew it was just what I needed to make me feel happier this week. You can find the recipe here.
We doubled the recipe to yield the below 9x13 baking dish of goodness.


melifaif said...

Oh wow! I am sorry you are having to be put through the ringer with that...hope it ends soons and justice prevails!!! On a lighter, yet heavy Southern note - I am sooooo trying that mac and cheese dish.

Kelly Timmons said...

Matt will be upset you didn't invite him over!!