Friday, June 29, 2012

#502...sweatshirt snake

I got this vintage 80's velour sweatshirt a couple years ago. 
It was in mint condition, since it looks like the type of thing you buy, wear once, and then wonder "what was I thinking". Anyway, it was really soft, and at the time I picked it up, I'm sure I had some great idea of something to do with it, but I can not remember what I was thinking I'd do with it. I recently came across it (in the attic) and thought of the perfect thing to turn it into......

.....a large stuffed snake.
I modeled my snake after Mr. Snake by ferm Living. I started by cutting the sweatshirt into rectangles that I stitched together to make the snake tube body.
This 6 ft. snake is on his way to live in NYC with my little cousin Samuel, who recently got a new little sister, and may need a snake to help him better terrorize his new sis.

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Cjhaab said...

This is adorable!! Love your use of old thrift shop items. I hope the little boy and his sister get a kick out of this pretty snake.