Friday, February 1, 2013

#574...knitted cuff

I saw this tutorial for a knitted cuff over on Design*Sponge the other day, and decided to knit one up last night. I found some thin black and gold metallic yarn in my scrap bin, and used #3 needles. I mostly followed the tutorial instructions, and knitted it up in about an hour.
I realized once I cast off that I had made it a little too short to go all the way around my wrist, so I sewed some scraps of leather to the ends of it to extend it. 
Since my cuff has more of a biker vibe, I decided against buttons for closure, and want to get two large black metal snaps that would be hidden behind the leather. For these photos I used black sticky-back velcro to close the cuff.....but that is not going to work long term.

Upon finishing, I could not decide if it looked like a cuff or a sweatband. My sister Sarah deemed it cool, so I guess I'll knit up some more.

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