Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#580...scrap plywood outdoor art

Last weekend, Tyler and I made a big art piece to hang on the back our our house out of scrap plywood. We had all of the rectangle and square pieces leftover from projects we have done in the past.
To begin, I used painter's tape and taped off some geometric designs on the plywood pieces.
I opened all of my quarts of oil paints (also from previous projects), and decided on a palette.
I used a foam sponge brush (one for each color) and applied the paint.
While the paint was still wet I ripped the painter's tape off to reveal the bare wood sections.
Tyler sanded all the pieces to give them a distressed look, and screwed them together using stainless steel nails (which hopefully will not rust)
He then screwed it into the house securely (we've had artwork blow off the back of the house before, during a storm, but this thing is not going anywhere.)
I still need to put some sort of sealer on the plywood to help it weather well.

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