Monday, June 24, 2013

#622..jute wrapped hanging planter

I've been looking for a pretty hanging plant pot for the curly cereus plant I have that is currently living in the plastic green pot it came in. 
For a quick fix, I thought I'd try wrapping the exterior of the plastic pot with some green jute I picked up at Home Depot. Because the pot is curved, I knew I'd need to use my glue gun to secure the jute every wrap around or so.

It was a pain, (literally...I burned myself a thousand times) and took nearly an hour to complete. It looks ok, but very crafty (like an elementary school kid got their hands on glue and yarn.) So, I'm tending my burned fingers and still on the hunt for a nicer hanging planter.


sol said...

Pretty plant and some very pretty photos of that special corner.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I'm playing around with the girls at Wood You Like to Craft. drawstring carrier bags I've posted a tutorial for this cute jute growth chart. Come check it out and leave me some love :)