Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#618...travel pouch and packing

I've been getting ready for an extended trip to Italy, and decided to use some of my scrap leather to make a new catch-all clutch for my trip. I decided on a half-moon shape for my travel pouch and added a gold zipper. I made this blue one from a thrifted leather skirt...

...and this green one from a pair of thrifted leather pants.

We will be doing some city touring and some sailing while in Italy, which calls for different clothing needs. To avoid bring too much stuff, I tried laying out my outfits and snapping a pic of them and then editing down to what I really needed. Here's a few of my wardrobe planning pics where I was trying to make a few pieces work in multiple ways. This pictorial packing method helped me in keeping my suitcase light-weight.

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