Thursday, February 13, 2014

#400...chalk penmanship practice

When my kitchen was shot for Better Homes & Gardens a few years ago, (see article here) I was looking for ways to creatively personalize some of my generic KraftMaid cabinets. I decided to put chalkboard contact paper on a few of the door fronts, which I wrote about here. Below is a picture of the chalkboards as they appeared in the BHG shoot, and a test I did of colored chalks on the boards.

Overall, the chalk (both white and colored) was very dusty, messy, faint and just not that impressive. So, the boards got erased after the shoot, and sat blank for the last year. Then, this Christmas I was scrambling for something to put on the boards to dress them up for the holiday home tour, and I discovered chalk pens, which are much easier to write with, easy to clean, not dusty and much more vibrant. I used them to put up a recipe for eggnog.
I also used them to make this chalk owl art piece.
I have a potential job opportunity to create some chalkboard menus for an upcoming spring wedding, so I decided I should practice my chalk marker penmanship. I got on Etsy for inspiration and copied this recipe for mojitos because it gave me opportunity to practice various fonts. Below the mojito recipe I still had some space, so I practiced designing my own recipe layout and added my fish taco recipe.

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