Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#401...shiplap shelves

Remember the salvaged wood logo sign we made for this office space? Well, this weekend we added some reclaimed shiplap shelves in the kitchen to service as a bar area. (Every office needs a bar right?)
Tyler salvaged the shiplap from a demolition site in our neighborhood, owned by one of the real estate brokers, to whom this office belongs. Shiplap was a tongue and groove wood planking commonly used to build the walls for bungalows built in the early 1900's. Here is a the pile of salvaged wood we still had after building the logo sign.
The top piece on the pile is a section of wall, with the interior wall of shiplap facing up. I had already pulled off the 2 pieces I intended to use for the shelves prior to this photo. On the outside of this piece of wall section, you can see the exterior siding below.
I cleaned the 2 pieces of shiplap and pulled out all of the rusty, bent screws and nails. 
I wiped the shiplap clean and used a Citrus paste wax on the boards. I last used this paste here on the shiplap ceiling of our cabana.
Here are the shelves post wax
I spray painted some metal L brackets in a light gray paint leftover from the logo sign project.
My handyman hung the shelves for me, and we styled them with some liquor bottles and glasses.


Dixie said...

I really live this and the fact you rescued the ship lap from a demo.

Dixie said...

Love your blog and all your awesome ideas!!