Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#413...refrigerator table top

We've used a dorm style refrigerator as a side table to the sofa in our loft for years, giving guests a place to store beverages and baby bottles. Long ago, I covered the top and sides of the refrigerator with some sparkly vinyl, which you can sort of see here, in this Apartment Therapy post from a few years back. They vinyl got dingy and worn over the years, so I ripped it off, and decided to make a wood table to fit snugly over the refrigerator. Tyler built this U-shaped table out of birch plywood.
I sprayed the table with chalkboard paint (in case I ever want to write messages on it). It took about 2.5 cans to thoroughly cover it. Then we fitted it over the refrigerator.
I decided to add a piece of glass to the top of it, to make cleaning it easier, and to give the surface a smoother finish to touch. I spray painted the underside of the glass with black chalkboard spray paint, which gives the illusion that the glass is actually black too, and gives it a more customized look. I once blogged a tutorial on painting glass here.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Isn't that a Jere sculpture hanging? If so, would you happen to know the name?

Christie Chase said...

The sculpture hanging over the sofa in my loft space is a Jere sculpture, that I thrifted years ago. I don't know the exact name of it. It is of a town with a church steeple.