Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#415...audrey's desk makeover

We were out in California this past weekend for a visit, and my 6-year old niece Audrey asked me to help her make-over her brown wood desk. The desk formerly belonged to Audrey's Dad when he was a kid.

Step 1: Lightly sand the desk to scuff it up, which I did with a mouse sander.
Step 2: Make Audrey change out of the school dress she came out to paint in.
Step 3: Paint. 
We used a 4" smooth foam roller and a brush. We painted the desk with a white enamel that we got from the "oops" section of the local hardware store for $2!
We painted about 4 coats of white paint on the desk. I lightly sanded with a sanding sponge between coats. Audrey's Mom spray painted the old drawer pulls with silver spray paint, which really make them look clean and new.
While Audrey was at school, I painted a few butterflies, bees and lady bugs onto the desk at her request.

We moved the desk back into Audrey's room to surprise her when she got home from school. I made the wall hanging fabric letter "A" for her a few years ago. You can read my tutorial on making 3-D fabric letters here. Before Audrey was born, I painted a large surfing mural on the wall opposite this desk, which you can see here

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