Friday, April 10, 2009 sculptures

Book sculpture is a controversial subject it seems. While there are those against using even dime store copies as raw material for art endeavours, I personally think that turning a book into a sculpture is a sort of a tribute to the original written work.

My youngest sister Sarah is a graphic design student at the Art Institute, and last quarter was given the assignment to create a book sculpture. While graphic art is 2D in nature, designers still need to have good conceptualization of how to create 3D objects. She was inspired by the work of Nicholas Jones, an Austrailian designer, whose work is pictured above.

Sarah chose to create her book sculpture from the classic E.B. White story "Charlotte's Web."
While she bought close to 15 tattered copies from thrift shops, she ended up only using one copy to create her sculpture. As it turned out she had a hard time cutting up the books.

I am so thrilled to say that her sculpture is going to get to live at my house, and I'm planning to get a display box for it to keep it safe from the cat, who thinks that the paper spiders attached to it were made for him. Here is her web inspired sculpture.

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