Thursday, June 18, 2009

#30...upholstered slipper chair

I have tried a few upholstery projects in my day. Some have been successful, others have ended in frustration with expensive fabric cut-up and ruined on the floor. I own several books on the subject of upholstery, and despite that they offer good step-by-step instructions, I find that I have learned the most from trial and error.

I recently bought a new upholstery book, Matthew Haly's Book of Upholstery. The pictures were what sold me. It has beautiful, modern ideas for upholstery projects for the home. I was inspired looking through the pages to attempt covering the below slipper chair for my sister-in-law-to-be Kelly for her birthday. I was pleased with how the chair turned out.

A few things I have learned about upholstery projects:
* If your piece is a family heirloom, antique or expensive piece.....take it to a professional.
* Start with something easy, like recovering dining chair seats




Prêt à Voyager said...

you're amazing, christie! if only i had room in my apt to fit furniture i could fix up like you...but alas, too small and not my own!


melifaif said...

Oh! For Pete's sake! Youare far too talented for my eyes...I just about flipped out of my chair when I saw this! It's ridiculous. In the absolute best way possible. Amazing.