Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#43...light wrapping

My friend Lisa was looking for an idea to spruce up her plain chandelier. I suggested that she take a look at the work of April Allison of kaarsKoker, which I saw featured on design*sponge last September. I was really taken with the simple idea of wrapping boring lighting parts with pretty paper. The above two shots are from the fabulous pictures featured in the photo gallery on the kaarsKoker website. kaarsKoker sells the pre-cut paper sleeves, or you could use any paper and make your own as Lisa did below. Her paper sleeves are made from last season's Ikea holiday paper, which she got on clearance for $1 this past spring. She chose to use two different paper patterns on her chandelier, which I think gives it even more personality and whimsy. The paper is gold matte and white and beautifully subtle.....plus she probably had enough left over on her roll to wrap several gifts, or line several drawers, or. . . . . the possibilities for gift wrap are really endless, don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

Just the inspiration I need to work on my super ugly chandelier.. which I can't afford to replace right now, but which really needs an update :-)

nancy said...

Brilliant! I love that idea.