Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#72...sisal makeover

After several years of pets and parties, the sisal rug in my TV room was looking a little sad, (as you can see below.) Sisal lasts forever, so the rug was not worn, but had some discoloring due to spills and wet paws. The twill rug border was really dingy looking, so I thought that before tossing it out and buying a new one, I would attempt to paint it. I first painted it chocolate brown with a flat latex enamel paint. It looked better, but did not quite pop enough for my taste, so I recently redid it in lime green semi-gloss enamel. It has a really nice floor mat look, and the painted surface is actually softer and smoother to walk on than the sisal was. I bought a gallon of paint for about $30, and simply applied it with a roller.


melifaif said...

Painting a rug?!? Who knew???? Looks great!

danielle said...

are those top down blinds in the background? do you have suggestions of where to get them (reasonably priced? is there such a thing?!)

Christie Chase said...

Hi Danielle,
Those are my own try at top down blinds. I made them just like regular Roman shades, but they actually are fixed in that position all the time, as I am still figuring out the mechanics of making them go both top down and bottom up. As for purchasing such blinds, you can try Smith & Noble,, or maybe even