Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#236...lightening my load

For the past while, I have been carrying around some heavy tools in my purse, consisting of a full size hammer, 25ft construction grade tape measure, Phillips head screwdriver, and my Canon 40D camera with zoom lens. These things come in handy both in my clients' homes, and when I am thrifting, as I often have to measure and unscrew things to fit them in my car. Needless to say, my shoulders and neck hate me.
For my upcoming birthday, I decided to ask Tyler for some new purse accessories to lighten my load. My new toys arrived yesterday, and I am super excited to tote them around today in my much lighter bag.
My new acquisitions include a smaller 12' tape measure, an all-in-one hammer/screwdriver, and a compact Canon G11, which I have been dying for since the photographer that shot my house a few weeks ago raved about it.


The Davison Daily said...

I have the G9. This is our second G series camera. We are very happy with it. Maybe you can teach me how to use more of it's functionality!

Rachel said...

So jealous of the G11!!! I really want one for the same reason!!!

Sara Carolina said...

Your hammer is super cute! If I may ask, where did you order the camera from?