Friday, June 10, 2011

#348...shut the door

After 8 years of living in our bungalow, Tyler and I recently put a door on our bedroom. The bungalow actually came with original doors from 1919; however all were in pretty bad shape, and looked like this.

We removed all the doors the year we moved in, and besides the bathroom doors, which  we did years ago, we finally dug the bedroom door out from behind the garage and gave it a makeover. Tyler sanded it....
and then we rehung it to finish paint it. Here is one side of the sanded door....
...which I painted white
On the inside of of door (facing our room), we liked the distressed look of the sanded, old unfinished wood......
I decided to paint the interior panels of the door the same color as the wall color, and then use an matte polyurethane to finish the rest of the door. I like the "old" quality it retained, but now it is nice and smooth to the touch.
The original door hardware was painted over, so I removed it with stripper and then took it to a metal replating shop and had them plate it in a brushed nickel finish.

The space behind our door was underutilized, so I decided to hang some hooks to house my purse collection.
The brass duck hook came from the thrift shop

The birch tree hooks came from this shop, and the print above the purses is for sale here. The visual display of the purses is busy looking, but our door usually stands open, hiding the display. I'm really happy to have given the behind door space a function.

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