Friday, June 22, 2012

#499...malm console and lumbar pillow

I am working on some ideas for a client who has the Malm bed frame from Ikea, and I realized that I have never posted about the Malm modification I made to my bed. 
I've had my Malm nearly 9 years. I have the birch color, (which I don't see listed on Ikea's website anymore). For the first two years we had it, the headboard was pushed up against the windows. I always thought it would be nice to have a ledge at headboard level to set things on. We pulled the bed away from the window about a foot, and Tyler built a wood top console with wood legs that fit behind the Malm. 
Here are some side angle views of the console. It is open underneath. It does have some middle support legs to keep it from sagging. I painted the top of the console in the same white as my window trim, so it really does not stick out in the room.

Over the years, I have changed my bed pillows several times, but I always stick with white quilts on my bed, as my room is somewhat small, and a big pattern on the bed makes it seem smaller. I have to cover my pillows with a coverlet every day, due to the fact that my cat spends 90% of his time sitting at the head of my bed.....and I am allergic to him. 
After schlepping decorative pillows and cat coverlets on and off my bed for years, I decided to minimize my throw pillows and shams and just do one single lumbar style decorative pillow. I thought about using a feather insert, but after ordering one and realizing how heavy it is, I opted for this synthetic body pillow as my insert. It is super light-weight, and I can easily toss it to the floor when I am ready to climb into bed.
The pillow insert is 20x54, but the pillow cover that I made is proportionately smaller to keep the pillow looking nice and stuffed. The finished pillow cover is 17x39.

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