Monday, July 9, 2012

#505...zebrawood bench

Back in January, Tyler and I visited Clark's Hardwood Lumber Co. to look for a slab of wood to create a long bench under the windows in my office area, where my standing desk lives.

We searched through rows of exotic hardwood slabs, in search of a slab that would make a 7 ft bench.
We decided on a piece of zebrawood, which Clark's planed and cut to size for us. After hunting around for someone to finish the slab, we ended up deciding to sand and finish it ourselves. Tyler sanded it about 10 times to get it perfectly smooth.
I finished it with this Wipe-on Poly by Min-Wax in Satin. We ordered custom shaped legs for it from this Etsy shop


Lisa said...

I love zebrawood. This is a gorgeous bench.

Tracy said...

I came to post exactly what Lisa said. I was going to comment on the bench first, and the zebra wood second!

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