Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#520...chihuly garden of glass

In Seattle, we stumbled upon the newly open Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, located at the base of the Space Needle. Dale Chihuly is a renowned American Glass artist, who hails from Tacoma, Washington. I first saw his work on the ceiling in the Bellagio in Vegas. It looks like this.......
I also once saw a 30 foot aquamarine blue glass Chihuly tree in the backyard of a home on River Oaks Golf Course here in Houston. The home was part of the Azalea trail a few years back. Part of the Chihuly exhibit is indoors, and part out. There is a huge glass pyramid that connects the two spaces that houses a huge glass floral garden suspended from the ceiling. 
Here are some other pictures I snapped inside and outside the exhibit. My favorite was this white glass drip forest that was lit from within in neon.

There was a huge collection of Pendelton blankets inside the Chihuly exhibit, as he has been influenced by their pattern and color in his work over the years. (I have a mild obsession with Pendelton, so I wanted my picture with the wall of blankets). If you find yourself wandering Seattle, I highly recommend checking out this exhibit in person. It's breathtaking.

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