Thursday, December 13, 2012

#557...deer and bear

My little sister Sarah is not allowed to have pets in her apartment, so in lieu, she has Deer and Bear. Deer is a  resale shop taxidermy rescue. Bear is a carved wooden statue...also thrifted. We talk about Deer and Bear like they are real. When it came time to decorate for the holidays, I did not want Deer and Bear to be left out, so I made them some decorations. 
For Deer, I made him a ribbon doll ornament from felt, crystal buttons and a bow I knitted. (Sarah says Deer is scared of his holiday addition). I'll admit, she is a little bit bug-eyed and weird. Last year Deer wore my pom-pom garland, seen here, which he liked better. 
For Bear, I knitted him a bow-tie to help him feel more festive this season.

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