Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#625...large art gallery wall

Last week, I hung a large gallery art arrangement for my client Adrienne. Here are some shots of her blank wall which spans from her entry through her living room and into her kitchen.

...and here are a few after shots of the gallery art arrangement which I think really opened up and personalized her space.

To plan out the grouping I first arranged the art on the floor and took overall measurements of the wall and of the grouping.
Next, I decided where I wanted the middle of the grouping to hit on the wall and started hanging out from there. I find it very helpful to take reference photos of the grouping on the floor prior to hanging to be able to glance back at how the pieces related to each other in the arrangement. This is probably the most important step for me in successfully translating what is laid on the floor onto the wall. This grouping consists of  some photos and some art Adrienne made along with a nice collection of pieces by local Houstonian Matt Messinger.

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