Monday, October 7, 2013

#374...the holidays are coming early

I'm beginning to think about how to decorate my house for the holidays due to the upcoming neighborhood holiday home tour our house is participating in. I'm grouping red pots, and dreaming up holiday vignettes. It feels crazy to be pulling out holiday decor in early Oct., but I slowly am. 
A couple years ago, I made some of these deer silhouette applique pillows that I sold in my etsy shop. Last year, mine fell into the mouth of a dog and got chewed around the edges. I decided to salvage it and turn it into a larger pillow using some of my leftover Kantha quilt scraps, which I formerly used here. I cut strips of the Kantha leftovers and pieced them together creating several square borders around the deer.

I added a gold zipper to the top of it to match the other pillow I have sitting on my round chair, which I made here.

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