Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#418...my way

I  was recently commissioned to create the above graffiti style painting of the lyrics to Frank Sinatra's song "My Way".  My client Kristy had seen a similar painting in a local gallery, but the size and price were not right for her, so I took the challenge to paint her one for her living room.
I got a 48x48 canvas at the art supply store, and using my acrylic paints and medium created a spatter/drip background painting.
Next, I used a blue paint pen to begin drawing on the bubble font letters to the words of the song.
Then, I began painting in each line of the lyrics in the negative space created by the lettering.
This step was the most tedious. I added some paint texture to the top of some of the lines, and used some oil-based paint pens to outline the lyrics when I finished coloring in the lines. In total the painting took me about 30 hours to complete.


Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic piece! Makes me want to sing the song (in my head!) over and over....

Also, the previous post regarding the spec house was great. You certainly have talent using color.

Anonymous said...

I realize the above comment was a little vague re: color, as the spec house was largely neutral. But that is my point, as a talented artist, you keenly know when to hit with color splash, and when to pull it back a bit. As always, I enjoy your blog and have learned much from you. Thanks!!