Tuesday, August 11, 2009

#53...candlelit fireplace

Currently, the fireplace in my 1920's bungalow does not work. Someday, we'd like to have it repointed and get it in working order, but for now I light it up with these glass hurricanes that I wrapped with jewelry wire and glass beads. I saw the idea for the hurricanes in a high-end boutique for about $50 each and loved the sparkly look that the wire and glass beads give the basic glass hurricane. I decided that I could make them for much, much less.

To start this project I purchased cylinder glass hurricane candle holders in a variety of sizes that I wanted to use. Next, I purchased wire and several packs of glass beads from Michael's Arts & Crafts Store (their website does not have an online shopping option, so I can't show you exactly what I bought), but the glass beads came in a pack of about 300 for $3, and the wire was bendable metal on a spool found in the jewelry section. It is important to make sure that the gauge of the wire you buy fits through the opening hole in the bead you select. Additionally, don't buy a wire that has any type of nylon coating on it, as it won't be as malleable.
I started off stringing the beads onto the wire about an inch apart, and twisting the wire around each one like a twist tie, to hold them in place. See photo below.
After stringing the beads around one spool of wire, I began wrapping it around and around the hurricane, overlapping the wire as I went. See below photo.

Each hurricane took me a couple hours to make, but cost me less than $10. It was a good project to do in front of the TV, and I even made a couple extra that I gave as gifts. I light them with tea lights so I don't ever have to clean candle wax out of the bottom of them.

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