Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#57...seashells by the seashore

This past weekend, Tyler and I were on the West Coast visiting his parents. While there, I came across this seashell mirror that I made for them about 10 years ago, hanging in their hallway. I had forgotten about it, and it looked so pretty and chic that I thought I would share this project, as it was a really easy one.
1) A mirror in a paneling or framed style that has a flat, depressed area that can hold the shells and mortar while still having a clean edge. (something that looks like this)
2) Bits of seashells.....I used broken flat pieces of various white and purple shells
3) Pre-mixed or powder thin-set mortar in white like this (this is a 50lb. bag, which is tons more than you need.... look for a smaller bag)
To begin, read the directions on your thin-set, then mix and spread onto your mirror in small sections with a plastic putty knife. Arrange and embed your shells as you go. Clean off the edge or frame of your mirror with a damp paper towel or sponge as you go. Let dry for a day or so, and you're ready to hang!

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