Wednesday, October 27, 2010

#253...thomas o'brien reflections

I recently transformed this distressed wood mirror........
into a simple silver beauty using latex paints, a metallic glaze, a paint brush, and a sea sponge.

It is going to hang over a dresser in a client's guest room, sort of like this picture scanned from the pages of Thomas O'Brien's book American Modern.

I bought O'Brien's book on favorite discount book buying site.
His book is filled with pictures of rooms in soothing neutral palettes, with an incredible blend of old American pieces used in modern layouts and unexpected ways. His style is polished, sophisticated, and the pictures offer lots of ideas for creating interesting wall arrangements and vignettes of beloved items. If you are a traditionalist at heart, this is an inspiring design book for your collection.

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Sara Carolina said...

what a change! looks great!